05/26/20 | Bi-Weekly Newsletter
Building a Professional Network
4 must-have professionals for your network
05/21/20 | Other Blog Posts
Experts Predict Economic Recovery Should Begin in the Second Half of the Year
One of the biggest questions we all seem to be asking these days is: When are we going to start to see an economic recovery?
06/1/20 | Other Blog Posts
2020 Homeowner Wish List
What homeowners would change to make their home more livable.
05/12/20 | Bi-Weekly Newsletter
5 Considerations for Buying a Home Right Now
What's changed in homebuying?
05/11/20 | Other Blog Posts
Will Home Values Appreciate or Depreciate in 2020?
With the housing market staggered to some degree by the health crisis the country is currently facing, some potential purchasers are questioning whether home values will be impacted.
05/5/20 | Other Blog Posts
Confused About the Economic Recovery?
Here's Why.
04/29/20 | Bi-Weekly Newsletter
Tips for Staying Healthy and Active at Home
How to stay fit while staying indoors
04/28/20 | Other Blog Posts
How Technology Is Enabling the Real Estate Process
Today’s everyday reality is pretty different than it looked just a few weeks ago. We’re learning how to do a lot of things in new ways, from how we work remotely to how we engage with our friends and neighbors.
04/28/20 | Other Blog Posts
Looking to the Future: What the Experts Are Saying
As our lives, our businesses, and the world we live in change day by day, we’re all left wondering how long this will last. How long will we feel the effects of the coronavirus? How deep will the impact go?
03/21/20 | Bi-Weekly Newsletter
Newsletter Special Edition
Our Ever-Changing World
03/11/20 | Bi-Weekly Newsletter
Benefits of a Vacation Home
Can you drop everything to go on a trip?
03/10/20 | Other Blog Posts
The #1 Misconception in the Homebuying Process
After over a year of moderating home prices, it appears home value appreciation is about to reaccelerate.
03/10/20 | Other Blog Posts
The Overlooked Financial Advantages of Homeownership
There are many clear financial benefits to owning a home: increasing equity, building net worth, growing appreciation, and more.
04/15/20 | Bi-Weekly Newsletter
Create a Serene Outdoor Space
Do you have your ideal outdoor living space?
04/14/20 | Other Blog Posts
Don’t Let Frightening Headlines Scare You
There’s a lot of anxiety right now regarding the coronavirus pandemic. The health situation must be addressed quickly, and many are concerned about the impact on the economy as well.
04/14/20 | Other Blog Posts
5 Simple Graphs Proving This Is NOT Like the Last Time
With all of the volatility in the stock market and uncertainty about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), some are concerned we may be headed for another housing crash like the one we experienced from 2006-2008.
02/25/20 | Bi-Weekly Newsletter
Living Room Design Trends
Are you on board with these 4 living room trends?
02/24/20 | Other Blog Posts
How Pricing Your Home Right Makes a Big Difference
Here’s why making sure you price it right is key to driving the best price for the sale.
02/24/20 | Other Blog Posts
Three Reasons Why Pre-Approval Is the First Step in the 2020 Homebuying Journey
How to stand out from the crowd.
02/11/20 | Bi-Weekly Newsletter
What You Should Know About Private Residence Clubs
How you can have your own piece of paradise
02/10/20 | Other Blog Posts
Should I Sell My House This Year?
Even with all the information overload in the media circling around talk of a possible recession, the upcoming 2020 election, and more, Americans feel good about selling a house now. That’s some news to get excited about!
02/10/20 | Other Blog Posts
First-Time Buyers Are Searching for Existing Homes This Year
First-Time Buyers Are Searching for Existing Homes This Year First-Time Buyers Are Searching for Existing Homes This Year | MyKCM In the latest Housing Trends Report, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) measured the share of adults planning to buy a home over the next 12 months.
01/28/20 | Bi-Weekly Newsletter
Finding a Good Investment Property Locale
3 keys to smart real estate investing
01/27/20 | Other Blog Posts
The 2 Surprising Things Homebuyers Really Want
In a market where current inventory is low, it’s normal to think buyers might be willing to give up a few desirable features in their home search in order to make finding a house a little easier.
01/27/20 | Other Blog Posts
Housing Inventory Vanishing: What Is the Impact on You?
The real estate market is expected to do very well this year as mortgage rates remain at historic lows. One challenge to the housing industry is the lack of homes available for sale.
01/14/20 | Bi-Weekly Newsletter
Trendy Wellness Amenities for Your Home
Who knew wellness could look so good?
01/13/20 | Other Blog Posts
Homes Are More Affordable Today, Not Less Affordable
There’s a current narrative that owning a home today is less affordable than it has been in the past. The reason some are making this claim is because house prices have substantially increased over the last several years.
01/13/20 | Other Blog Posts
Buying a Home Early Can Significantly Increase Future Wealth
According to an Urban Institute study, homeowners who purchase a house before age 35 are better prepared for retirement at age 60.
Thinking of Selling Your Home?
The waiting is the hardest part.
Tips to Sell Your Home Faster
When selling your house, there are a few key things you can prioritize to have the greatest impact for a faster sale.
Have You Outgrown Your Home?
It may seem hard to imagine that the home you’re in today – whether it’s your starter home or just one you’ve fallen in love with along the way – might not be your forever home.
3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Home in 2020
Growing emotions can help or hinder a sale, depending on how we manage them.
2020 Real Estate Projections
This will be an interesting year in real estate and some of these projections may surprise you.
Top Renovations for Maximum ROI
If you’re planning on selling your house in 2020, these are the top renovations that will give you the highest Return on your Investment.
2019 Holiday Card
Happy Holidays!
Exploring Architectural Home Styles
Knowing which features are on your must-have list can help you choose your next home or update your current one to match your style.
2020's Trendy Color Palettes
Looking for some new hues throughout the house? Try these:
Considerations for Selling Your Home
Take these five steps to maximize your home's charm and help it sell quicker.
Adding On to Your Home
An addition can be a great way to transform your home into a dream property.
4 Reasons to Buy a Home This Fall
Here are four great reasons to consider buying a home today, instead of waiting.
Everybody Calm Down! This Is NOT 2008
Last week released the results of a survey that produced three major revelations.
How Property Taxes Can Impact Your Mortgage Payment
Do you know how much you might pay for property taxes in your state or local area.
5 Reasons to Sell This Fall
Below are 5 compelling reasons listing your home for sale this fall makes sense.
Experts Predict a Strong Housing Market for the Rest of 2019
We’re in the back half of the year, and with a decline in interest rates.
Think Prices Have Skyrocketed? Look at Rents.
Much has been written about how residential real estate values have increased.
4 Tips to Improve Your Home and Save on Your Energy Bill
Here are a few simple ones to consider, and how to make them happen.
3 Reasons This is NOT the 2008 Real Estate Market
Today’s real estate market is nothing like the 2008 market.
3 Reasons to Use a Real Estate Pro in a Complex Digital World
If you’re searching for a home online, you’re not alone; lots of people are doing it.
Be on the Lookout for Gen Z: The Next Generation of Homebuyers
Gen Zers are the next generation of homeowners, and they’re eager to jump in.
You Need More Than a Guide. You Need a Sherpa.
You need an experienced guide to help you navigate the process.

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