Is a home addition the change you ​​​​​​​need?

Does your home have all the amenities you want? Imagine how relaxing it would be with a screened-in porch. Or consider the convenience of another guest suite or an indoor-outdoor kitchen for entertaining.

An addition could make your home feel more like your dream property.

Still, any renovation project is a significant investment of time and money. When deciding to add on, start with the following steps:

  1. Decide what your addition will be. Knowing the purpose of the space you’re adding will guide its layout and amenities — not to mention your project budget.

    For example: If you want a home theater, it’s not necessary to think about window placement. However, if you plan to build a pleated extension, that is something you’d have to consider.

  2. Find a contractor and an architect. Seek out a contractor who can best turn your vision into a reality at a reasonable price. Interview multiple pros to hire someone with experience, and make sure you communicate with each other effectively.

    Hire an architect too, as they’ll be better at maximizing the space available. See if your contractor has a recommendation, or use the same interview process to find one.

  3. Apply for the proper permits. While your construction team will know about permits, you are still overseeing the project. It’s good practice to understand local requirements and make sure your team is in compliance.

  4. Hire an interior designer. Working with a designer ensures a cohesive renovation. Again, maybe your architect or contractor can refer you to someone, but make sure that their design style complements the existing elements of your home too.

If you want to continue investing in your home, an addition can add years of enjoyment. But if the drawbacks of your current space outweigh the benefits, it’s time to search for a better fit.

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