Vacation Homes: More Than a Luxury

Owning a property for the sole purpose of relaxation means you’re truly living the dream. You can visit your favorite spot whenever you like — without the hassle of finding a place to stay.

Maybe you’re even planning to live in the home full time when you retire. In the meantime, you’re busy enjoying your slice of the good life.

Imagine the other perks a vacation home can offer:

  1. Diversify Your Investment Portfolio: Owning a second home is an excellent investment. And you can rent the property out to other travelers when you’re not there. That means more money for the things you love.

  2. Choose Your Perfect Location: If you want the flexibility to travel to your preferred locale more often or to be closer to family, a second home gives you that option.

  3. Have the Freedom to Travel: Staying in a hotel or rental property means you may have to book your lodging months or even years ahead. But if you own a vacation home, you’re free to plan spur-of-the-moment trips without worrying that all the best rooms are already booked.

  4. Gain Tax Breaks: In addition to saving money on accommodations and resort fees, you could also reap tax benefits from your second home. You can deduct the property taxes from your primary residence — and you can do the same with your vacation property.

  5. Find a Retirement Home: Buying a vacation home before you retire allows you to spend years remodeling and decorating to make it the perfect haven. Then, when you wrap up your career, you’ll be all set.

Ready to further diversify your real estate holdings? Reach out today.

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