Which living room looks do you love?

You probably spend a lot of time in your living room. So it’s only natural that you’d want it to be both comfortable and chic. 

There’s good news: 2020’s latest designs are decidedly less formal and more geared toward everyday living. But wait — you should know that this doesn’t mean these trends skimp on beauty or style.

Here’s a look at the year's top design trends for your living room:

The Conversation Pit Comeback
Once the darling of the 1970s, conversation pits and sunken living rooms are making a comeback. This retro style allows you to sit down and talk in a relaxed, welcoming environment. It’s easy to picture yourself sipping a glass of lemonade in a cozy nook and dishing with your closest friends, isn’t it?

Personalized, Functional Spaces
Speaking of sunken rooms, spaces that have a defined function are another trend for this year. Your living space demands a high sense of comfort and elegance, but not at the price of personalization. Gone are the days of furniture that doesn’t meet your needs. Instead, add features like ergonomic chairs — and always make sure there’s adequate seating for guests.

Textures and Patterns With Pizzazz
Bold patterns and added textures are also experiencing a revival. To get the polished look you’re after, match them with the clean lines of modern furniture. Curves and geometric motifs on furniture, walls and flooring add interest and draw people in, so your impeccable taste won’t go unnoticed.

Sleek, Organized Living
Minimalism never really goes out of style. Banish the clutter and tuck away any unnecessary items. Storage options — from hidden nooks to seating with concealed storage — add function and style to any living space.

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