Does Your Roof Have the WOW Factor?

Does Your Roof Have the WOW Factor?

  • Mary Lee
  • 11/10/20

When you’re searching for your dream home, what the roof looks like is probably not a top priority. But the nature of your home’s roof does matter.

Roofs are the crowning glory of the home. Their design, function and condition determine your home’s character — and, in some cases, its value.

Let’s take a look at some roof types that go beyond the typical gable with shingles.

  • Butterfly Roof:Also known as the inverted gable, this “lifted wings” look adds interest to the home’s aesthetic. It’s a terrific choice for homeowners who want high windows to let in natural light while maintaining a sense of privacy. This roof style also creates vaulted ceilings for an open, spacious feel.
  • Green Roof:Many modern homes are built with energy-consciousness in mind, and these “living roofs” are part of this trend. It’s an extension built on top of an existing roof that houses a garden area. The plants act as extra insulation to reduce utility costs — plus it protects the surface of the main roof and potentially gives it a longer life span.
  • Metal Roof:This type comes in a wide variety of colors and can copycat popular tile materials such as slate, clay or wood. Though its upfront cost is higher than other roof types, it has many strengths that make it worth the price. A metal roof is durable and long-lasting, with a typical life span of 40 to 70 years, but you might even come across one that’s more than a century old. It's low-maintenance, reflects solar heat and is eco-friendly when made of recycled materials.

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