What to Look for When Buying Property

What to Look for When Buying Property

  • Mary Lee
  • 08/25/20

Whether you’re buying a primary home, your next investment property or a vacation getaway, you’ll want to be sure the home has good bones — meaning it’s of sound construction quality.

Though flooring, window dressings and paint colors can be easily changed, a home’s bones are another story. Foundational problems can be both expensive and painstaking to fix.

Fortunately, there are red flags that can help you spot these underlying issues. Want to make sure you’re on high alert when considering a new place? Here’s what to look out for:

  • Structure:Do you spot sagging beams, sloped floors, cracks in the walls or foundation, or doors or windows that get stuck? Those could be reasons to worry, along with discolored or irregular-looking beams and flooring.

  • Floor Plan:If there’s a lot of wasted space and several strangely shaped rooms, it could indicate the home is of less-than-stellar quality. Consider how rooms flow together. If they seem misplaced and nonsensical, this home might not be the best.

  • Window and Door Orientation:Take note of which way the property (as well as each room) faces. Can you see the sunrise from the master bedroom? Will the living room be exposed to the full afternoon sun? These things affect the home’s natural light and energy usage.

  • Plumbing and Electrical Systems:If these systems seem outdated, you may need to replace them. And if something has been fixed recently, you’ll want to ensure the job was done right.

  • Building Materials:Is the wood or tile worn? Are there cheap materials for countertops and other fixtures? You can generally expect the quality of the components to match the quality of the home as a whole.

Do you need help finding your next good property investment? Get in touch today.

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