Smart Home Upgrades You Won't Regret

Smart Home Upgrades You Won't Regret

  • Mary Lee
  • 12/29/20

People are changing the ways they are living and they are updating their homes to reflect this shift in lifestyle. Smart home upgrades often fly under the radar when thinking about home improvement. They don't allow for fancy before and after photos, but they can truly transform how you live.  Let's examine some of the many reasons to use smart home upgrades in your home:

Why Invest in Smart Home Upgrades?

Security - There are so many smart technology options for making your home more secure. High-tech alarm systems allow you to monitor your property while you are away. Video doorbells allow you to see who has come to your front door and can notify you of their presence whether or not you're at home. If like many people, you are doing more online ordering, this can also help keep those deliveries secure. Smart locks allow you to lock and unlock your home from anywhere. All of these functions add security and peace of mind.

Return on Investment - Smart home upgrades save you money in the long run. Many smart devices will lower your utility bills. Appliances like a smart fridge can identify which zones of the fridge need cooling and only use enough electricity for those zones. Smart thermostats can identify activity patterns in the home and heat and cool it accordingly, lowering your costs.

Increase Property Value - Smart home upgrades done correctly are very appealing for buyers. They see a home that was well maintained and won't require them to invest in these updates. A vast majority of buyers want to include smart technology features in their home. They will be incentivized to make a better offer on a property that has already done this for them.

Smart Home Upgrades That Are Worth Making

  •     Smart Home Irrigation Systems- These save money by watering your lawn only when necessary and as an added perk, they are environmentally friendly.
  • Smart Shades- These provide privacy while helping with climate control in the home. They also look nice and provide the ultimate convenience.
  • Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors- The safety and peace of mind provided by these detectors are worth far more than the price to upgrade them. They provide notifications to your phone to alert you of the danger. If you're away from home you can call emergency services much sooner and minimize damage.
  • Smart Bathroom- A multitude of bathroom options include a smart mirror, LED lights and a smart toilet. Now if only there was technology that cleaned the bathroom as well!

Don't be afraid to spend some money on smart technology, it is well worth the investment. You will enjoy its convenience, save some money, and increase the overall resale value of your property.


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