2020's Trendy Color Palettes

2020's Trendy Color Palettes

  • Mary Lee
  • 11/27/19

How will you use 2020's color palettes?

You know it’s time to give each room in your home a makeover with a fresh new paint job, and you want to choose a palette that matches your personality. But how can you find the perfect color scheme?

Luckily, you can get the scoop on the colors that are trending for 2020 right here. Ranging from dark and bold to light and cheerful, here are the top new shades to give all of your spaces a pop of color before the new year:

Deep Blue Jewel Tones
Painting your walls in a shade of deep blue, like Naval by Sherwin-Williams or Chinese Porcelain by PPG, can create a soothing atmosphere in any room of the house. As darker blue colors are known to reduce stress and evoke calm feelings, it’s perfect for your bedroom; it will set a tone of relaxation.

Bright and Bold Yellow
If you want to give your room a cheerful look, try choosing a shade of yellow, like Behr’s Charismatic. This color is perfect for kitchens and other spaces where you typically spend time with family or guests.

Playful Pink Pastels
Two companies have announced a calming shade of pink as their 2020 Color of the Year. Both Valspar’s Bombay Pink and HGTV Home’s Romance are hues that will make it look like your home is a blushing beauty — and these colors will add elegance to any room.

Light and Airy Naturals
Shades of green and neutrals can make any room feel pleasant and inviting; check out Behr’s Back to Nature and Dragonfly, as well as Valspar’s Desert Fortress. Pair these hues with other nature-inspired colors for a fresh and tranquil color scheme.

Explore the colors mentioned above (and more) here and here. Looking for a fresh canvas? Get in touch to begin your home search.

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